An ISO 9000-2008 Certified Mumbai based Organization having a strength of 450 employees working at various sites all over India covering 14 States with a majority strength in Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Executed quality projects across the globe in Countries like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, & Cameroon.

Exclusive capabilities in executing fast track projects with Design to Commissioning coupled with After Sales Service during Defect Liability Period & further with a core focus on Value Engg in Products, Processes, Services, Validation of Design, Proof Checking, Stability Certification & so on.

Executed more than 800 projects in the field of Mechanical Engg, Heavy Structural & Glazing Installation, Architectural Decorative Work and Civil/Building Constructions whenever & wherever required to suit Customer requirements in terms time & quality under one roof.

Associated & were proud to be partner in Services in the form of JV/Strategic Partnership with World reckoned reputed Organizations such as

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